"Unicorn" for Image Comics' ELEPHANTMEN

I mentioned this in my previous post, but I felt like expanding...

When I was a child, I came down with a case of the mumps. My family was pretty terrified and turned to one of my uncles, who was in possession of a rhinoceros horn. It was extremely rare, expensive, and illegal. (obviously) He stored it wrapped in some soft cloths, and it appeared to have been ground down over years and years of usage to resemble a large river stone. I remember watching as he ground more of the rhino horn inside a mortar to form a grey paste. Contrary to popular Western belief, rhinoceros horn isn't used as an aphrodisiac nor is it taken internally. (at least in my case) The horn paste was applied thickly onto my throat in the hopes that it would ease the swelling.

I don't recall it being particularly effective, as mumps cases tend to run their course over time without treatment. Supposedly, rhinoceros horn carries a Yin quality that is cooling, so it makes sense that they would try to reduce swelling in that manner. Though, I don't even recall being in a great deal of discomfort. But that memory just stands out in my mind as I worked on this piece.

Acrylic and Digital

You can find this illustration featured as the back cover in Image Comics' ELEPHANTMEN #36. Much gratitude to the amazing Richard Starkings for the opportunity.

The title, "Unicorn", was derived from the initial mistake from European explorers that rhinocerii were actually unicorns. I kept this in mind as I designed Sahara's headdress and the overall feel of the unicorn-and-maiden legend...

@ Forbidden Planet. Eee. ♥


Catching Up: New Work, Elephantmen, Artbook, Exhibit, Interview...

Okay so first off, I suck at dividing my attention around the various social media outlets in which I participate. I prefer to focus on one at a time, and my focus right now has been on my Official Facebook Page here:

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Here's a quick rundown of what's been happening since my last post here back in August just to catch up.A substantial update to come soon...

Japan Cinema Interview

Oh hello LJ. I totally forgot to post this awesome interview that Japan Cinema did of me a little while back. Sorry. :(

Click here to read the interview.

Again, this along with other interviews with amazingly talented artists and creative indivdiuals have been published in this gorgeous book that you can purchase by following the link below... (You can preview the entire book now!)

Click here to preview and purchase the book.


GDG Book Signing in San Francisco!

Psst... Did you that this signing makes it two years in a row that a book I've been in has done a signing on my birthday? ;) And hey, *I* think that's pretty cool. For my birthday, I want you all to go to this signing and get the crap signed out of your books! Mmkay?

Okay! Here's the info!

Click here to RSVP at the Facebook invite

Mission: Comics and Art [map]
3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94110

Saturday, August 13th. 4pm - 7pm

Refreshments and snacks provided. :)

GirlsDrawinGirls: The Way Nature Made Her Opening Reception

The official flier for this reception has been released! The exhibition showcases flora-inspired pinup art that will be featured in the accompanying book, GirlsDrawinGirls Vol. 4: The Way Nature Made Her. My contribution to this book, China Rose, will be hanging. :)

(designed by the lovely and talented inulg)

Vlad the Retailer [map]
704 Heliotrope Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Saturday, August 6th. 8pm - 12am
The show will be up until the end of the month, so be sure to catch it if you're in the L.A. area! ♥

Pochron Studios is proud to present: COSMOSIS

And here is the official press release for the COSMOSIS show that I'll be showing in this weekend!

July 23rd - August 27th 2011

Opening Reception
July 23rd, 2011, 5pm - 8pm
Pochron Studios Gallery
96 Van Dyke Street, Brooklyn 11231
(click here for map)
Come join us for Pochron Studios Gallery’s 2nd show of the 2011 season "Cosmosis".
The exact moment when a star is born. The series of events that leads to a sun becoming a black hole. A sudden shift in orbit and the inevitable collision of cosmic bodies. "Cosmosis" seeks to explore how the these cosmological concepts could be applied to personal experience.

What dark matter has overtaken a light in your life?
Alternately, when has a spark been ignited in the darkness?
Was there ever a time that your orbit was diverted and where did it take you?
For further information and to RSVP please visit Pochron Studios Gallery page on Facebook! CLICK HERE!


You can email Leah at!

We are looking forward to seeing you there! Please note that the IKEA Shuttle is Free on Saturday's! It runs from 11AM till 8:20PM! To see schedule click here!

For more information on Pochron Studios and our clients please visit Pochron Studios Facebook page! CLICK HERE!

Art News Mega-Post!

I've been meaning to write these up for ages now, but unfortunately I've been in the middle of moving from Brooklyn (Bensonhurst, where Harley Quinn is originally from!) to Queens (Jamaica Estates... where Donald Trump is originally from. Not as cool. e.e). Thus continuing Alice's Habitation Tour of New York's Boroughs (starting with Manhattan's Gramercy Park, where Oscar Wilde lived). We're still in the middle of unpacking and such, but I figured I ought to get on task. So here we go!

* * * * *

Gamescape @ Artscape

Click here for more details.

Pinkard Gallery [map]
(inside the Bunting Center at Mt. Royal Avenue and W. Lafayette Avenue)
1401 West Mt. Royal Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21217

Friday, July 15th - Sunday, July 17th
This weekend! Be there! And if you like, please vote for my piece, Aensland, for Best of Show.

* * * * *

GirlsDrawinGirls vol. 4: Book Pre-Sale and Exhibition

GirlsDrawinGirls Vol. 4: The Way Nature Made Her, featuring China Rose, is now on pre-Sale until July 20th! I'll be joining 82 other talented lady artists in this gorgeous 174-page flora-inspired pinup hardcover book.

Click here for more details + how to purchase.

After the pre-sale, the book will be making its debut at San Diego Comic Con, so drop by the GirlsDrawinGirls booth (#5628) to pick it up if you're there!

Annnnnnd there is an accompanying exhibition of artwork from this book.

Vlad the Retailer [map]
704 Heliotrope Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Saturday, August 6th. 8pm - 12am

* * * * *

Japan Cinema Presidents: Creative Interviews Vol. 1

I was recently interviewed by Japan Cinema, and they've included it in a 2-page spread in this gorgeous book. Not only does it feature me, but there are interviews with other super-talented individuals like Esao Andrews, Alvin Lee, Camilla d'Errico, Yaya Han, and tons more! So basically, buy it. 'Cause it's awesome. :)

Check out a stunning preview of the first 15 pages below! (my pages are near the back, so not included in the preview.. but still!)

Click here for more details + how to purchase.

* * * * *


I'll also be showing Synth and Persephone: Winter (yessss, in all its original textured glory!) for the COSMOSIS show later this month!
What: "What dark matter has over taken a light in your life? Alternately, when has a spark been ignited in the darkness? Was there ever a time that your orbit was diverted and where did it take you?" An exhibition of art, inspired by the cosmos.

Pochron Studios Gallery [map]
96 Van Dyke Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Saturday, July 23rd

* * * * *

Otakon 2011

I'll have books and prints on sale later this month at Otakon, so drop by and check out the goods! Also, if you "Like" my Facebook page here, you'll have access to Facebook-exclusive coupons and discounts for prints and posters. :) (Not posted yet, but keep your eyes peeled!)


Table B09 in Artist Alley!
Baltimore Convention Center [map]
1 West Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Friday July 29th - Sunday, July 31st

* * * * *

Harvey Award Nominations!

And last but not least...

An anthology I contributed to last year, Reading With Pictures was recently nominated for Harvey Awards in the following two categories:

Best Anthology
Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers

This Is Kind Of A Big Deal!

So if you or anyone you know is a professional in the comics industry (including webcomic creators and editors), please vote for Reading With Pictures! A win for RwP is a win for comics in education. ;) Show your support this amazing cause!

> > > Vote Here! < < <
{Deadline: August 6th, 2011)

* * * * *

Whew! Was that enough Alice news for you? I'm having a hard enough time keeping up myself! Hope to see you at any of the various events I listed above! ♥♥♥


China Rose, for GirlsDrawinGirls Anthology

China Rose
Acrylic and Digital | BUY PRINT

Rosa chinensis, known commonly as the China Rose is a member of the genus Rosa native to Southwest China in Guizhou, Hubei, and Sichuan Provinces. [source]

To be published in GirlsDrawinGirls Vol 4: The Way Nature Made Her, an anthology of flora-inspired pinups. More details to come as they become available.

Be sure to check my official Facebook page for work-in-progress shots of this piece!


New videogame-inspired work + show!

Acrylic and Digital

Splash Woman gets the upper hand on Mega Man. Her superior position suggests victory in battle as well as sexual dominance in a twist of gender role-reversal or Ecstasy of Saint Teresa-like reverie. The mecha tentacles reference shokushi goukan, a form of erotica referenced as early as the work of Hokusai.

Also, I will be showing at Gamescape @ Artscape in Baltimore, MD this July 15th - 17th!

Click here for more details.

If you happen to be attending, please remember to vote for me for "Best of Show". :)


Neil Gaiman print + New Facebook!

(Click for larger version)

Snow, Glass, Apples
Acrylic and Digital | BUY PRINT HERE

Initially commissioned as a print for Neil Gaiman's Neverwear site, this project was consequently canceled. But I loved his short story, "Snow, Glass, Apples", and the work-in-progress so much that I finished it up anyway. :) The associated text read:

I like to think she played first with the ribbons, twined them into her raven hair, looped them around her pale neck or her tiny waist,

And then, curious, she moved the cloth to see what else was in the basket; and she saw the red, red apples.

They smelled like fresh apples, of course; and they also smelled of blood. And she was hungry. I imagine her picking up an apple, pressing it against her cheek, feeling the cold smoothness of it against her skin.

And she opened her mouth and bit deep into it...
"Snow, Glass, Apples" is © Neil Gaiman.

Also! I recently created a new Official Facebook Page, so if you enjoy my art and would like to receive updates right on your Facebook newsfeed, please go here and click "Like"!

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