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Feminism, Comics, and Museums

So I haven't really written in here for a while because I've been so busy. I do post slightly more regular updates over at my Official Facebook Page, if that's of any interest to you. But these days I barely have enough time to get a full night's sleep, let alone chronicle the goings-on of my life...

Just a run-through of things:
  • Back in July, I was invited to participate in a panel,"Destroying Gender Stereotypes in Comics" at the illustrious Bluestockings Bookstore. It was a fantastic evening full of thoughtful discourse, and I was incredibly humbled to be able to discuss comics and feminism with a panel of amazing fellow woman creators and to an audience that was so packed, every seat was taken and there was standing room only in the back. Wow!

  • I also completed a 4-page comic, "Weightless", for Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology, the second volume of Secret Identities. I love this project and have wanted to be involved with it since the first volume came out back in 2009.. So as you can imagine, I was just thrilled to be asked to work on volume 2!
Oh, and last but certainly not least... The art for the "Weightless" comic I mentioned will be exhibited at MOCA NY (Museum of Chinese in America) for its "Alt.Comics: Asian American Artists Reinvent the Comic Book" show. Here's the flyer with additional details.

To RSVP for this event, please E-mail:

Yep, this makes my second museum exhibition. :) (The first being the NeoIntegrity: Comics Edition show at MoCCA... The Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art.) Super stoked.

Hope you all can make it. :)

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