Alice Meichi Li [李美姿] (alicemeichi) wrote,
Alice Meichi Li [李美姿]


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Light + Dark. Warm + Cool. Project + Reflect. Sun + Moon. Yang + Yin. Houyi + Chang'e.

I was asked to contribute to Dark Horse Comics' Once Upon a Time Machine anthology, and was thrilled at the prospect of tackling the theme of futuristic fairy tales. So I chose the Chinese legend of Chang'e, the goddess of the moon.

Originally, I wanted to do Red Riding Hood, but apparently that had been chosen several times over. And on a whim, I did a Tarot reading for something unrelated and drew the XVII. Moon card -- which in my deck (The Goddess Tarot), was represented by Chang'e. Serendipitous, one might say.

Tags: anthology, art, books, comic books, publication
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